June: National Pet Awareness (Preparedness) Month

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Beginning June we often think about tanning days, pool parties, beach days and getaways. From June to November the hurricane season begins, it's important to be prepared in case any critical circumstances; every year we face a hurricane season we expect the worst and learn from past mistakes. Here are some reminders and helpful tips to prevent and avoid this critical scenarios.

- Name Tags: although you may already know this, is always important to have your pet's tag with the updated information before you take them anywhere you go. Many pets get lost during catastrophic moments which is truly heartbreaking!

- Plan ahead: Just like you would prepare your family when hurricane alerts start with; water, medicine, food and others -- prepare you pet a small survival kit as well, pack their medicine, treats and food.

- Vaccines and Vet check: a most-do! this particular part is always part of a pet's vitality. In case of any emergency that your pet can suffer, you have a record of your pets medicine administration and allergies.

- Take them with you: in case you need to evacuate, please don't leave your pet behind; there are many shelters that are pet-friendly, search ahead of time for this type of shelters so you don't have to carry the burden of leaving you beloved friend behind.

- Get to know your pet, you may be facing a difficult tempered one, animals suffer from depression and stress, in case of an emergency you already know how to handle its emotions.

Pet Awareness Month

Every year, a lot of animals are left abandoned and that is just unfair for them, if you are in no position to face situations like this one; please seek for a well-known shelter, friend or family member who could help you in handling difficult situations like a natural disaster.

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