Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Your dog's new favorite place away from home.

Relieves stress and boredom from being home alone all day.


Some dogs can develop separation anxiety when they are home alone without their favorite person. This may lead to destructive habits, unwanted behaviors, and increased stress on both you and your pup. By attending daycare your dog is able to enjoy constant attention and play all day with their furry friends.

Brings routine and exercise into your dog's life.

Dogs are creatures of routine, they love stability and certainty. Your dog will soon look forward to leaving every morning with you! Our daycare includes all-day play so your pup will run, jump, and wrestle until their heart's content. At the end of your workday, you’ll have a tired pup ready for bed. 


Your dog enjoys social life, and you enjoy peace of mind. 

Dogs love being social with others! Your dog will enjoy meeting new dogs and making best friends. They also receive a ton of belly rubs and pets throughout the day from our staff! You get peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and loved throughout the day


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  • A complimentary daycare trial is mandatory in order to participate in our hotel.


  • All dogs above 6 months of age must be neutered/spayed. Intact dogs cannot interact in our social groups, but we can offer 1-on-1 play on a case by case bases. 


  • All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations. Proof of Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper (DHPP) is required prior to check-in. 


  • If you would like for your dog to enjoy lunch during daycare, we recommend bringing their own food pre-portioned to avoid an upset stomach. However, we do offer our house food for lunch in daycare for $2.50 a serving. 


  • Daycare passes do not have to be used consecutively, and they do not expire. As a perk for pass holders, if your pet stays for the hotel the last day is charged to the pass rather than the full price.

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